Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little bit of Coelho

Today was the last graduate school class I had to attend for my masters degree. I still need to finish my practicum, but that doesn’t involve class time. That just involves putting in hours doing projects and reflection papers that will make me look like I’d be a competent and effective principal.

Not that I’m sure I’d ever want to do that.

At today’s class session we did the classic “everyone present their project” which involved power points with fancy backgrounds, a myriad of fonts and pictures, new educational web links, and all levels and ideas of over-achieving. Then we sat in small groups and talked about our observations of other teachers (a different project), which turned into all our hopes and desires for teaching, and all the technology and supportive materials we wish we had for our classrooms.

Then came the best part: we reminisced. It felt like signing yearbooks senior year of high school as we talked and laughed until we had tears in our eyes. It felt so clichĂ©, but I almost forgot about how much I have detested going to classes either for four hours after working on Tuesday nights, or six and a half hours on Saturdays. All of the sudden, the three hour timeline project that was never graded was hysterical. The field trip that felt meaningless and ended with people getting lost on the way there and the way back was a classic. And of course, the classmates that didn’t know how to stay on topic, or when to stop talking in general, or even why we educate homeless people were just plain amazing.

Hindsight: What a beautiful thing.

Degrees: Worth it for the stories? No. But they definitely make it a bit more bearable. After all, the journey is typically worth more than the end result, right?

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