Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Best Guess

In just over a year, I will wait for a ceremonial announcement of where I’ll live beyond medical school. I’ll have an idea of what to expect for the next three to five years. I may begin seeking new jobs, new communities, new routines. I may begin to deconstruct the eight years of existence I have had in this place, this Ohio that I envisioned as flat cornfields from an uninformed vantage point in the frigid northwest.

In just over a month, track season will begin. My time after school will dwindle by an hour or two daily, and my energy will wane as well. Tuesday nights and weekends will begin to be consumed with hours at tracks around the county, watching, yelling, encouraging, and considering performances at hand.

In just over a week, this cold spell will probably be over. I will hopefully be a step or two further in my masters degree completion. It will be February.

In just over an hour, I’ll go to bed, wondering what tomorrow holds…both in my expectations, and in reality.

It won’t be an hour. And in reality, the rest is really just a best guess.

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