Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Rain has not often been something I have loved. I am an outdoor person...and rain is not often conducive to being outside. As much as rain used to be readily appreciated for water supply and thus cleansing, in our modern society it seems to makes things dirty--from the car, to the mud, to the splashing of pavement oil on my clothes as I scurry from place to place. I still have running water in my house, regardless of what the rain forecast has been.

This summer has shown a clear need for rain. The grass is brown and crunchy; the plants are withering; the vegetation is dying. In the midst of shortsighted appreciation for sunshine in this non-dessert area of the country, the consequence of a beautiful abundance of sunshine has taken its tole.

A couple summers ago I remember sitting with my aunt as she told me of something she was working harder to do: appreciate rain. She told me how the Israelites often pined after rain, for they readily appreciated all the ways it met their needs: nourishing food, providing drink, and cleansing from the ever-present dust. It was God's provision for their needs; she wanted to remember that. I think of my aunt often in the absence of rain, though especially in this season of absence, because she desperately needs to be cleansed, to be touched by God's provision, and to find rejuvenation.

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