Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Curtis and I at Niagra falls, back when we were dating.

Yesterday evening after dinner I mentioned to my husband, who is six months from being an official doctor, that the back of my throat was “ever so slightly irritated.”

“We need zinc. Let’s go to the store,” was his prompt reply.

“Right now?” I didn’t want to go now, I was settled in for the evening. It was dark outside. And raining. Perfect combination for staying inside.

“That’s the only time it works. If you take it after the illness has developed it’s useless.” And everyone thinks marrying a doctor is a great idea.

It’s a good thing that the wardrobe at 8pm in the grocery store is sweatpants, because that’s what I was wearing. And because I was wearing sweatpants, I was destined to run into all sorts of people I knew. As we picked out bananas that were already too ripe, I saw a past student.

Do I talk to this individual? Or act like I didn’t see her? After all, to compliment my sweatpants I had a hooded sweatshirt, half dried hair (it’s raining anyway, right?) and a splotchy face. Later as we passed the juice aisle, I saw her and her dad again, and ventured acknowledge the meeting. We chatted briefly and politely, surrounded by plastic containers of all-natural sugar water, and then went on our ways to finish shopping. Not too unnatural or embarrassing.

As I turned around I ran into (almost literarily) a professor from college. He asked my husband and I if we were dating (haven’t been asked that for years…since we were dating), and as I noticed his own attire (exercise pants, t-shirt, mismatched coat) I didn’t feel so shabby, even if we were talking about his recently published book about Shakespeare. Who knew resurrection images in Julius Caesar could be such casual conversation?

In the end, the longest delay of the trip wasn’t casual conversation about Elizabethan drama surrounded by wheat bread but trying to figure out the right kind of zinc to purchase. Shall we choose the 50 tablets of 100mg, which are candy coated? Or 100 tablets of 50mg? Or are the 60 lemon zinc lozenges (30mg) going to be absorbed more effectively into my system? This is when you’d think having a doctor along would help.

He didn’t know either. Determining factor for him? “Which one is the cheapest?”

There seemed to be some sort of philosophical health care statement being made in that moment, as we walked away with the all-natural lemon-zinc lozenges that were on sale for $2.45…

…But all I really cared about at that moment was getting home, out of the grocery story and the rain, and back home, where I could nurse my aggravated throat with lemon flavored zinc, and debate the merits of the flu vaccines (another perk of being married to a doctor).
But that’s another debate altogether.


  1. I love me some zinc! Next time you are not feeling well maybe he can run out and get some for you! :)

  2. Hi! I found you from your post on 4 perspectives.

    Isn't it great to be married, and be comfortable - (somewhat) - in sweats now and then? I love being married!

    I have to chuckle about you marrying a Dr. My husband goes through that with me, as I was a Dietetics major.

    You made a good choice, by the way; the lozenges do absorb better, and a smaller dosage of zinc is easier on the belly (zinc can make one feel quite nautious... esp on an empty stomach).

    And another bty... zinc deficiency can cause acne; did your face clear up? :)