Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“Teachers are amazing beautiful creatures”


I taught a lesson this week about defending opinions with persuasive strategies. I gave the eighth grade class examples of opinions to defend such as “Pizza can be eaten for any meal” and “Eighth graders should be given an extended lunch”. They laughed as I tried to come up with completely serious defenses for my ridiculous opinions, modeling the strategies with good humor.

After the show I put on for them (which is often what I feel like my job entails: crafty entertainment with lessons hidden inside) I set them off to write their own opinions and come up with defenses using the practiced strategies.

As I circulated the class, offering feedback on each student’s progress, I came to one student whose opinion was that “Teacher’s are amazing beautiful creatures.”

I couldn’t help myself; I laughed out loud.

This moment of unabashed laughter cost me the attention of the entire class, who was now hopelessly distracted from opinions and defenses. As I shushed their curious banter and encouraged them to concentrate, I heard the guilty students proclaim, “Well, they are!” defending his (seemingly) brown-nosing comment for the rest of the period.

It made my day.

*Taken in the quiet of August, before the chaos and humor ever began.

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  1. Yes, that's a brown-nosing comment if I've ever heard one. Hopefully a little bit of that statement is really true for him. Because teachers are beautiful creatures. Haha! The creatures part makes me laugh!