Monday, December 21, 2009

Things (and people) I Share


The first Christmas I visited Curtis when we were dating, his mom gave me a metal tube of lotion, explaining that it was some of her favorite. Not being a regular connoisseur of lotion in metal tubes, I sensed its value and kept it the drawer of my desk back at my dorm, pulling it out in the midst of evening studying, the smell bringing me back to relaxing times with people I love.

There would be other birthdays and Christmases with the metal tubes wrapped in tissue paper, promising soft hands smelling mildly sweet and refreshing. Even as I saw Curtis’s family two or three times a year, I had a constant reminder of their love and care from afar.

Yesterday another metal tube found its way into a gift bag, this time from another mother-in-law—one of my good friend’s. This lovely woman, like my husband’s mother, had only sons, and relishes those females with whom she can share feminine pampering products to appreciate and relish (along with good company, and a warm meal).

My friend has her own stock of metal tubes, which she generously shares with me when I have lost my own, much like she shares her mother-in-law.

And for that, I am grateful.

*Decorative details in this lovely woman's home...

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