Monday, December 7, 2009

In Due Time...

Today was the first snow. It has been a long and beautiful fall, with leaves fresh with color lingering on tree branches and in gutters much longer than usual. It has been warm on some days, fresh and cool on others, but void of snow all along.

My classroom, which sits on the corner of the third floor, was cold from a weekend void of heat, and the old radiators that line one wall struggled to make a difference in temperature. Something about the fresh flakes made me earnestly desire quiet, an unlikely reality in my profession.

But even more, I craved peace.

It was a silently tumultuous weekend, full of discontent and frustration and memories of unfulfilled hope. In church we spoke of advent, of being pregnant with hope and anticipation, of being present and full of peace and love and joy. And my eyes welled with tears as we spoke of it. I wanted it: the peace, the love, the joy.

And it was then that I realized that I had much (or just something) in common with Mary and all those that desperately awaited the arrival of a Savior for 400 years: I was ready.

I am ready to be free of the frustrations and brokenness that comes in this fallen world, but even as I am ready, I accept that there is much to be done in the mean time. There is much to love, much to find joy in, and much to appreciate with hope and peace.

Even as the snow covers the lush green earth that bears fruit in season, it promotes a time of peace and rest, revealing fresh life in due time.

In due time, much like a Savior, and the first snow.

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  1. beautifully written. Your thoughts are always a highlight in my day and leave me thinking.