Monday, February 8, 2010

It Was Perfect, Except A Couple Days Early


Did you hear about the snowstorm we got? The huge mid-Atlantic snowstorm that our president called “Snowmagedon” and the weather channel called the worst that has hit DC in decades, perhaps ever (but then you have to check the journals of Washington and Jefferson who recorded a pretty bad one in 1772).

But that was in DC.

Six hours west, in the good old Midwest, we “only” got a foot and a half. And as the heavens would have it, it came on a Friday night.

Friday. Night.

The city was flocked in the only 12 hours all weekend that virtually guarantee that the biggest storm of the season equals zero days off school.

It was treacherous Friday night and beautiful Saturday morning. The plows came by in waves, and the neighbors were out with shovels. The mail delivery woman took over an hour on our street, and the children slid down piles of snow formed by their parents’ labor.

And for a moment, life slowed down.

We made banana pancakes and watched a documentary. We drove to get groceries, admiring the Winter Wonderland our city had been transformed into overnight.

In the end, the sunny afternoon melted the slush on the streets, and glistened in the trees heavy with snow. And even though the storm’s timing was terrible, the beauty that comes with such dumps makes it hard to be discontent.

Even if I have to go to work today.

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  1. We are getting NO snow this year, so I'm really jealous. If it's going to be cold anyway, it might as well be beautiful and fun, right?