Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thoughts on Motherhood, While Still Without Child

I have been thinking a lot about what it means to become a mother lately, mostly because I’m surrounded with many pregnant people in my everyday life: at work, at church, at the grocery store. I had two good friends have babies in last week. (Two!) I guess I’m just that age, the age when people get pregnant.

My social calendar is full—with baby showers. I’m making quilts and painting rooms and researching recall lists in an attempt to keep up with this new life development. (It’s a full time job becoming a mother these days, or just knowing someone who is).

In the midst of conversations with them about their growing inability to sleep, their limited wardrobe, their frustrating indigestion and their mounting anticipation, I have found some interesting articles and books on my own, feeling like in some small way I can contribute to their experience.

Exhibit A: Thoughts on childbirth with Terry Gross.

I love NPR’s Fresh Air podcast. Unfortunately, it is on from 3-4pm in my area of the Midwest, and I’m lucky if I make it out of school and into my car by 3:45pm. Thankfully Steve Job’s (or his genius team of inventors) created itunes and the ipod, and my gratitude for both of these is never so full as when I am listening to podcasts.

I love them.

This podcast (about a recent book “Get Me Out: Making Babies Through the Ages” ) made me want to learn more about the process and pain of childbirth…and I’m not even pregnant. (Though, you could argue that’s why I want to know more, because it’s this far off experience that I have no tangible connection to at this moment).

Exhibit B: Article on the “Profession” of motherhood.

Thoughts on our society’s struggle with motherhood as a profession, and the separation we feel we must put between work at home and work in a career. There are a couple of really great nuggets in this one. Worth the read.

Someday, if or when I become a mother, I’m sure I will become engrossed in the process of change and reflection with an intense connection—very different from the detached curiosity I have right now. But for now I am enjoying the process as an observer, happy to make little sandwiches for showers and hand-stitch quilts...

...and contribute articles on motherhood for reflection every now and then (to help me feel a little more connected).

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog through CJane's community forum and noticed that you are an English teacher and have "thoughts on motherhood, without a child", like me.

    I co-author a blog about making choices and my partner and I are talking to women about motherhood. Most of my friends are mothers and I'm one of the few woman my age I know who isn't - yet.

    We want to interview future moms, too, and when I saw your post I was wondering if you would be interested in answering a few questions on the subject. If so, you can contact me via email through my profile or blog at

    We have a snow day here in NJ, too! Yee haw!