Friday, March 26, 2010

The Flirtation of Spring


Let the record show that on the evening of March 25, thick snow fell.

Driving home yesterday evening found me incredulous. I had worn sandals to a friend’s house for the evening (my own personal willing of spring to press forward) and when I exited the house I had to scamper through slush to make it to the car. The flakes were large and think and mildly blinding.

This morning I looked out the window to find the fresh spring buds covered in snow, the freshly green grass completely absent, and my car so badly iced that I struggled with all four doors before succeeding entry. As I scraped off the windshield, a wind blew collected snow off the tree above me onto my head (lovely). That’s when I noticed a budding flower enclosed in the soft, cold fluff.

Spring was trying to come, and failing.

This has been a year of odd seasons. Fall was mild; winter came late but was then fierce. Spring has been teasing with the intensity of a flirtatious teenage girl, unwilling to commit, though throwing out attractive signals at every turn.

Just make up your mind already.


  1. Are you serious? you had snow AGAIN? Lordy.

    We had flakes on the radar but the afternoon was sunny - but still cold. Matty and I are heading south for a few days next week (ok, well, we're going to Annapolis but it's going to be 5 degrees warmer there so we're taking it!) but other than that, I'll be spending my spring break relaxing.

    Are you on break?

  2. This is my least favorite time of year because of the freeze thaw freeze! I can't stand the back and forth!

  3. once we crack out the flip flops for the season, we just can't put them away!