Friday, March 19, 2010

North to the Future (Literally)


Yesterday morning while I ironed the shirt I was planning on wearing to match day , I grew frustrated with our cheap, wobbly ironing board. Not knowing our fate, I proclaimed to our listening furniture “We are definitely not taking this.”

For the last six months my husband and I have been walking around our apartment, orally making lists of things that we would like to keep (should we end up moving):

Our green dishes

Our pillow top mattress

A select collection of books

Our simplehuman trashcan
(which we love and could only afford because of an unsightly dent)

Items not worth a cross-country move:

Our non-stick pan that sticks

Several boxes of paper from college, graduate school and medical school

Random tacky trophies from races

Our gold velvet couch

We went.

We matched.

And we are moving.

4,000 miles.

In ninety days.

Let the whirlwind begin.

Post Edit/Clarification:

Curtis put his tack in the corner of the map (in the picture), rather than on an actual state like his classmates, because the large display map only had 49 states on it.

The match day coordinator was nothing short of horrified at this oversight, but we just laughed it off with audience, knowing that Alaska is commonly "forgotten" by the rest of the country.


  1. WHERE TO ??????? oh my, I'm dying with anticipation!!!

  2. Ha! When I first moved to Alaska I found I map we weren't on and I drew us in (poorly!) with an arrow that said "I am here" and posted it on my facebook... I was pretty proud of myself! :)