Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Organized Chaos

My Last Week in a Nutshell:

2 complete tissue boxes (due to five-day snot-nosed virus)

2 track teams (and sixteen meets...which start in a week)

2 speech competitions (which took all day...and night)

2 baby showers (I kid you not. I tell you, everyone I know is pregnant.)

80 research papers (almost finished grading)

800 miles of driving to a race and back (and good company)

4000 miles to move (in three months)

$320 and counting (current total to get a teaching license in a different state)

And now, without further delay, I need to get back to research papers and license applications.

(Oh the dilemma! Which will I choose!)


Highlight of the weekend: Personal best for Curtis in the half marathon, and free McDonald's Frappes while we waited under sunny, blue skies for him to finish.

Does it get any better?


  1. great job on the personal best to Curtis! What a chaotic time for you! I'm excited to read about all that lies in store for you guys.

  2. I am losing sleep trying to figuring out where you are moving.

    And, well, where you're moving from... that might make it easier to figure out if you're heading to Seattle? Portland? Texas? California? North Dakota? lol