Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reasons to Hide In the Woods



  1. Well why they are forgetting about me, I'd like for them to forget about me...

  2. This might just be the best post I've read anywhere in months! Visually and in terms of content, I love it !!

    I would like to offer myself up to the gods of student loans, too. Although I went to university tuition free, I had to pay room and board.

    $16,000 worth - not that big of a deal considering I saved about $160,000 on the tuition side, right?

    Um, well maybe if I wouldn't have upon graduation, um, deferred my payments for TEN years and if they wouldn't have compounded interest for a DECADE it wouldn't be such a big deal... ugh.

    hey, in my defense, I simply didn't have the money on my beginning teacher's salary of $27,500 to pay it in the beginning and then, well... Shit, I'll be honest - I wanted to travel and not pay bills.

    Well, they've come back to haunt me but at least I got Matty to say "I do" before he knew how deep the hole is... ugh.

  3. That sounds like a perfect thing to ask for. I wouldn't mind them forgetting about me too!