Friday, March 12, 2010


So often I notice when things are not as they were intended.

Once in a while I am overcome with the realization that things have, contrary to what would be expected, been resolved.

There is peace.

The seasons bring a constant reminder of the cycles that come with life:

Growth, death and restoration.

And sometimes in a beautiful show of solidarity, life events mirror the change.

The icicle collapsed into a pile of ice on the porch, and our house shed the hanging hazard once and for all.

The practice field shed most of its remaining snow, leaving us room to tread lightly on the spongy surface, rather than on the abrasive asphalt.

And an e-mail returned a branch of peace extended after several years, granting hope for future renewal.

In all that is dark and conflicted in the world, it is so easy to lose hope. Yet, glimpses of renewal and redemption always seem to come at just the right time, granting just enough inspiration to carry on, even when it is difficult.

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