Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Blessings (or Woes) of Technology

A non-technological building project, from up in Michigan over Easter.

I explored the land of craigslist today
until my eyes began to rebel from clicking and scrolling. “Enough!” they silently cried when I threatened to click for the next 100 postings. “We can no longer tell the difference between studios and townhouses, in the good, bad or medium parts of town.”

And so I conceded.

I am intrigued by how easy it is to “shop” for a place to live from 4,000 miles away in this day and age. Thanks to the internet, digital cameras, and Google maps, I can see the inside of the house, the outside of the house, and determine all sorts of information—-from across the country.

When did our society get so sophisticated?

While I periodically (strike that) regularly get frustrated with the ways that technology have made us lazy, unable to entertain ourselves, or in need of constant stimulation, when it comes to moving a long ways away, it is very helpful.

Our move will be a far cry from hitching up a wagon with belongings and trekking over the river and through the woods and over the mountains, needing to set up a homestead when we finally arrive.

While it’d probably be cheaper to build our own housing when we arrived, with all of our degrees and sixteen years of post high school education put together, I think we’d be a lost cause. I can educate and entertain teenagers all day long, and he can fix people’s health problems, but we are quite inept at all things practical and constructive when it comes to housing.

What has our society done to us?

We should probably just Google it.

(I’m sure they know how to build houses)


  1. Word up, sista!

    Did you get my Jane email? I'm not sure which addy I sent it to.

    One more day of schoolio until the weekend!

  2. Technology can be just as amazing as it is frustrating. I worry about how disconnected we are becoming as a society. Instead of talking to each other, we text, etc.
    At the same time, thank goodness for all of the leaps in areas like medical technology.