Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deflecting Dark Clouds


The last few days have been a whirlwind, in which I have been tossed from school to track practice to track meets and back again. Thirteen hour work days are starting to feel like the norm, and being outside for hours daily--whether in rain, sleet or sun--are coloring my face with their effects. (It's unfortunate, however, that my neck is usually covered with layers, and thus is starting to look ridiculous in professional attire)

Though every waking hour seems to be consumed with all things school or track related, I have managed to squeeze in time for other important things: newborn babies, teaching license applications, and sorting through piles of goods that have yet to be marked "Keep" (small pile) "Toss" (medium pile) "Sell" (small pile) or "Give to my sister" (large pile--isn't she lucky?).

Thankfully, Curtis is officially finished with his schooling (which he informed me yesterday, means he's done with the "21st" grade), and can be commissioned for important tasks like going to the grocery store, picking up teaching items for me at the library, getting an obscenely large cashiers check from the bank so that they will give me a new teaching license, and maintaining and organizing all our many track stats--which for seven grades and two genders can be quite a challenge.

Yesterday, as a result of Curtis's behind the scenes efforts, I actually made a large dent in a GIGANTIC pile of grading--which was all graded, mind you, but needed to be entered in the grade book and calculated (nothing like athletic eligibility checks to force some action on the grade front). Fueled by a large pile of jelly beans, I marked and calculated like I haven't done since track season started--and am almost on top of things once again.

Despite all the great efforts made to stay sane in the midst of the chaos, there will always be a dark cloud that tries to dampen spirits. Yesterday this came in the form of a starter: the man with the gun at the track meet that tries to keep things moving.

When he arrived at the meet while I was orchestrating the long jump, I may have audibly sighed aloud. Mr. Dark Cloud (who I has presided over many track meets I have coached in the last several years) is known for his lack of patience and gruff persona. I gathered all the middle school athletes around into a quick huddle to warn them of his demeanor, and admonished them to be on their best behavior--he doesn't tolerate tardiness, and he certainly doesn't repeat himself (two things that middle school students are very good at).

Despite Mr. DC, the meet was enjoyed for all of the warmth of the evening, with many students running personal bests and many parents expressing how much their children are enjoying the sport. While the students may have gone home to nightmares of an exceptionally tall man with a gun that yells at them to move faster, I slept soundly knowing that we had had another successful day at the track (and knowing that I'd better get some rest because I have to do it all again today).

Alas, we evaded a storm. Today's dark cloud? Academic eligibility.

We'll see how that one goes.

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  1. Isn't it such a great feeling when you get a huge task checked off your To Do List?