Friday, April 2, 2010

Moments of Rest


My view from my favorite napping spot.

It is spring break here in Ohio and I am going

While plans were attempted, they were eventually thwarted by the powers-that-be in the land of medical school. While I was initially disappointed by this turn of events, I find myself rather content as of late to "just be". I think all the planning an anticipation of "the move" is taking its toll.

Catalog of Spring Break (after 24 hours)

Yesterday evening found us participating in a traditional passover seder hosted by our church, with a beautiful ceremony and fantastic meal. Lingering after the service was over to help clean and arrange things back to "how they were" was calming...because I had nowhere I had to rush off to, no papers to grade, no planning to accomplish.

This morning I woke early (old habits die hard) and went out to run into the sunrise. The temperatures today will top 80, but the breezy 50's of the morning were the perfect atmosphere to just be lost in thoughts and memories of all the miles I've put in on the roads that cross the city. It was a bit nostalgic.

Afterward I had a liesurely breakfast with a friend I haven't talked to since Match Day, and we caught up on all that has happened in the chaos of the last two weeks: plans and excitement for the future, grieving what I am leaving behind.

Noon found me reading for pleasure out on the lawn, listening (and secretly watching) the neighbor children play in the sandbox. It was a mess to be sure, but I was secretly sad for them when the sitter called for them to go inside and clean up.

After two hours of sun, I lay on the couch and stared out the open window for a long time...enjoying the luxury of quiet thought, listening to the breeze flowing through the trees, appreciating the constant chirping of the birds and the quiet clinking of the wind chime. And then I fell asleep.

I am a busy person, and love my full life, but I never cease to be surprised at how a quiet day of reading and sleeping and listening and thinking can rejuvenate my spirit for all the tasks I have to complete.

For today, it is more than enough.


  1. Congratulations, my dear, on enjoying a day well deserved !! I've been watching Pinkerton play with a paper clip for the good part of an hour now and it's been the highlight of my week - it's to relaxing to "appreciate the details!".


  2. Days like that are THE BEST. And beautiful photo, as always.

  3. I must say that I'm jealous of your days or relaxation. I only get snatches from time to time. Not to complain, I love my life and the satisfaction that comes from spending my days with my four. It's just a very different kind of satisfaction