Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Enough

Wrigley Field, on Wednesday afternoon

When we arrived at Wrigley Field on Wednesday morning
, I didn't realize that we were getting there two hours early. Curtis and his brother, despite all their measured maturity and education, were practically giddy while they posed by the statue of Harry Carrey and gazed up at the rustic sign hanging over the entrance.

Once we were situation in the bleachers, Curtis stood next to railing and watched the players warm up, not daring depart from viewing for a trip to the bathroom or to cash in on the 25% off concessions discount given to all the die hard fans that show up over an hour early.

It is funny to sometimes have these brief glimpses of childhood, getting lost for a moment in the imagination of play and the hopes of present and future. Our lives can be so serious, making decisions that involve money and work and being responsible people. Organizing productive details to create a complete product becomes everyday life, and lost in the midst of it can be dream and imagination, two individuals that were such close friends of mine in years past.

On this trip I enjoyed several runs on a well worn train along Lake Michigan in silence: no podcast, no music, just the birds and the trees and the wind crashing over the water...and my wandering mind.

It was a welcome break:
Just enough to rejuvenate me for three more weeks of work
Just enough to recharge me for a cross country move
Just enough to deprive me of sleep, because of the overflowing company

Sometimes trips to Wrigley field are just what we need.

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