Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tall and Thin


These would be the two words I would use to describe this past weekend. The towering high-rise buildings of Pittsburgh appeared to almost sway against the passing clouds, seemingly unstable but deceivingly strong. The same could be said about so many of the runners, slight of build, but deceptively full of strength.

Though I like to participate in a good race now and then, I thoroughly enjoyed my role as spectator.

Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing than hitting the road.

Packing a bag,
Ditching a dusty house,
Planning for hours in the car

Nothing to fill them except

Conversation and
Books and
Quiet reflective

While Curtis quietly tried to still nerves about the approaching race, I watched the world pass in the form of small towns and big cities, entertained by decorated porches, outdated billboards and a sign reading “Far Wood” by a stack of scrappy lumber. (Which was waiting to be hauled to a fire, or a far location, depending on your spelling and pronunciation)

Next weekend brings more traveling around the Midwest, taking in the last of this side of the country before packing up.

How I will miss the freedom of car trips when we move North. While the secluded nature of Alaska has its benefits, sometimes the isolation is stifling.

After our series of travels over the next six weeks, I will probably be ready to settle down a while. Living out of suitcase will have lost its luster, the car will seem less and less comfortable, and eventually we all have to get out and truly participate in life, rather than watching it pass by.

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