Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I (Already) Lost in the Move


Other things that will be lost? Lebron James...who may not be in Ohio that much longer anyway.

Sometime between the track meet on Friday night and packing up my entire existence, I lost my voice.

Add that to a long list of things that I now have no idea where they are.

While Curtis and I did our best to label and organize in the midst of our packing, there inevitably ends up being a few (or several) miscellaneous boxes that include a mixture of hangers and candles, taxes and perfume, toiletries and duffel bags. Sometimes the box just isn’t full when you run out of items “in that category”, and then you just start tossing stuff in.

This morning I nearly had a melt down when I went to pack my bag for today’s track meet. While the high school championship was last week (in cold, gray rain) today is the middle school championship—and we’re building to 85 and sunny. So what was the impetus of this meltdown? I couldn’t find my watch. What self-respecting coach doesn’t have a timepiece to measure results? That’s like losing the ball you’re planning on playing with.

It just doesn’t work.

I found it next to my shampoo, buried in my travel case, and felt a sigh of relief.

Also necessary for coaching? A voice.

Now where might I find that…


  1. Sorry to hear that! Everything will fall into place soon.

  2. Ah, the craziness of moving. I know that sort of box very very well. And you know you'll be frustrated with yourself on the other end as you try to unpack it and make sense of where everything should go. Good luck, friend. I'm excited to hear of your adventures. I go to post this, the word verification I am asked to type in is "mismove"...a sign, maybe? =)