Friday, May 7, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing

Seedlings growing last spring...

In the last month my world seems to have exploded with color and fragrance. Driving down my street one day left me feeling like I had stumbled into a Dr. Seuss story: I was flanked on every side by lavender and mauve billowing branches that drooped and swayed in the wind under the weight of their magnificence.

The grass and trees and flowers all proclaim the arrival of spring, and nowhere in my body am I more aware of this symphony as in my congested sinuses and itchy throat.

I have been a lifelong sufferer of seasonal allergies. From the sour pink syrup I ingested as a child to ease my swollen itchy eyes, to the prescription drugs (that are now over the counter) that I carried with me to high school practices, there is no question that my body does not get along well with fresh pollen.

And yet I love it.

I am glad I have no choice in the arrival of spring. While some systems in my body would cry out to skip the aggravating mess of pollen, my eyes (when not itchy) couldn’t bear to miss the show of brilliance.


Last night we went out to celebrate Curtis’s dad’s birthday at a local ice cream parlor. Much like spring, there is something strangely satisfying about homemade ice cream on a warm evening. When the waitress came to take our order, we had our sundae selections ready—until it was determined that the pre-selected sundae ice cream flavors could be changed. All of the sudden our planned orders were unsatisfactory. Why have vanilla when you can have sour cherry sherbet or caramel nut toffee?

The waitress feigned patience while ice cream flavors were selected, and then recanted, and then selected and then…well, you get the picture.

By the time she left, several of us (including my sister who has waitressing experience in her repertoire) were questioning whether having so many ice cream flavor choices was actually a good thing. Could we even be satisfied? Or would be endlessly question whether we had made the right decision?


This past school year has been a time of choices and options and realizing I have so many good things I can hardly absorb all of them. Choosing one inevitably means the consequences of losing or missing another. I have been blessed with so many options, and so many choices.

I hope that as I continue forward that I will be satisfied with the choices that have been made. I want to appreciate all the joys of the choices made, not question, or wonder what would have been if another path had been chosen. I want to enjoy and appreciate all the blooms of spring, even I do so through swollen eyes.

And while sour cherry sherbet did not make the cut yesterday night, despite our indecision we all went home satisfied.

It was all very good.

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  1. i cant wait till my plants grow out to be like yours!!