Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Day I Stood in Line for an IPhone

...though it will probably never have service here--which is just fine with me.

I am not a “get-it-while-it’s-hot” kind of person. I am the person that oooh’s and aaahh’s at new and exciting things my friends purchase, while waiting until the price drops and the hype fades before purchasing something for myself.

I am not really a fad person.

When Curtis proposed that we get up at 4am to stand in line in hopes of an iphone, the voice in my head said “who are you?” The problem wasn’t the getting up early part; he does this all the time—for work, for runs, for races, but mostly for work. I’ve gotten up in the wee hours of darkness for all sorts of things…but new technology? Not one of them.

Alas, he needs this gadget for work. And for the sake of saving lives (or something like this), we rolled out of bed hours before we needed to in search of this new device.

Standing in line for two hours while we waited for the store to open was not as dull and boring as I’d imagined it might be. There were groups of teenagers huddled together coming and going at random intervals. (Voice in my head: “Ah, remember when there was nothing to do at 5am?”) There was a guy who was purchasing one for his boss. (Voice in my head: “I need to get an assistant”).

As Curtis and I stood in line it became apparent that I was the odd one out for not buying this hot, new piece of technology. “Why aren’t you getting one too?” our line neighbors questioned. “Well,” I replied, “I like to be away from e-mail, from internet, from technology.” It feels healthy to me.

They looked at me quizzically.

In the end one of the most entertaining things was watching the line get longer and longer, watching the store employees come out and make lists and count, make more lists and count again, and again…(voice in my head: “Does counting more times make more iphones appear?”)

The store opened. The line slowly progressed. And the phone was purchased.

Does it work? Well, that’s another story…

(Voice in my head: “Why must everything always be complicated?”)

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