Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Long Summer Nights


When our friend's children started complaining of hunger, I knew the sun had deceived us once again. It was 8:30, far past dinner, nearing bed time--and we were cutting freshly picked strawberries, the loot of a late afternoon outing in the glorious sunshine.

Outside, Curtis shovelled mulch and assisted in general landscaping, readying the swingset for a full summer of action. "A few weeks ago" our friend commented "I saw him receive his doctorate. Now he's pulling my weeds. This is awesome."

I couldn't agree more.

There is something very satisfying about a little manual labor, crouching and bending and shoveling to produce a tangible result. Summer is indeed the perfect time for forgetting degrees and getting lost in the sunshine, picking strawberries until your arms itch and shovelling enough mulch to break in a few calouses.

Tomorrow? We'll go to a first grade end-of-the-year picnic and later boating on a nearby lake.

Another day outside in the sunshine? Sounds perfect.


  1. I am so jealous ... I have another TWO WEEKS of school left and it's killing me! This pregnancy has completely kicked my butt - I'm exhausted and nauseous but there is a light at the end of the tunnel... I've heard I'll miraculously return to normal once I hit my second trimester, which is right around the corner and just in time for the end of school when I'll need all of my energy to pick strawberries, plant flowers, and enjoy the life you're living !!