Saturday, July 3, 2010

Balancing Productivity and Peace

Every summer I struggle in finding balance between productivity and rest. I work like crazy all year, but especially in the spring (with track eating evenings and weekends), and by the time school lets out, my body is usually ready to crash and burn.

That "crashing" was delayed this year due to a cross-country move, the purchase of a car, and planning a summer in-service for my school.

Now that I've safely landed? I am still having trouble resting without feeling guilty. Surely there are things I should be doing (ironing, getting a job, applying for a library card) instead of napping, and reading, and riding my bike around town for fun.

So what does my balance inevitably look like? Endlessly organizing our suitcases of belongings, while we wait for a place of our own, and hiking for hours in beautiful places with my mom and brother, because it's the perfect balance of peacefulness and productivity.

Because if I'm going to be busy, I want it to be with things like this...


  1. Please stay away from productivity for a while - you've been over exerting yourself the past few months and deserve a few weeks or months of enjoying time with your family and soaking up the great outdoors!

    Please take lots of pics - it's so beautiful !!


  2. I found the Momloop thingy on Blog Frog - it was one of the communities that came up on the main page!