Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinner Anyone?

Nothing like bringing home the

Every so often I am reminded in a dramatic fashion that I am once again living in Alaska...and not the Midwest. One of these moments happened recently when I met my mom at her office. As we were leaving she remembered she forgot something...and returned with a large fish in an opaque garbage bag. I trailed behind her chuckling as we left the office, and watched her fillet the fish on the kitchen counter the next day for dinner.

Me: "So that was a gift from your client?"
Mom: "Yeah, apparently he caught it that morning and had it in a cooler in his trunk."



  1. Filet O' Fish is the closest I'll ever get to filleted a real one!

  2. Wow! Loving the visuals!!

    What are you doing Friday? I think I'm going to take the little girl I volunteer with to see Letters to Juliet at Bears Tooth if you want to come! :)