Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding a Driver

The bug-covered vehicle, safe and sound in its new home...

When Curtis and I found out that we'd be moving 5,000 miles away, our original plan was to drive. We wanted to see the country and be the seasoned travelers that camped in the woods and were truly immersed in nature. Unfortunately, due to work commitments and weddings, we didn't have the necessary time to make the trek before Curtis had to report for work. We reluctantly started mentioning to friends that we were in the market for "a driver", and were met with one of two responses: incredulity that anyone would ever do that or jealousy that they couldn't be the one to make the journey.

After a couple weeks, we had a friend who had worked out enough details to commit to the trip. A current medical student faced with the reality that he'll have little time for adventure in the next three to six years, he was determined that this summer was going to be one of really great adventure, you know, to make up for lost time in the future. With a friend along for the ride, they spent the last two weeks driving the country (reading Harry Potter aloud for entertainment) and arrived this past weekend with one very dirty car, empty kerosene canisters, hundreds of pictures, and great stories of the journey.

As Curtis and I sat and listened to them recant stories about worthless sleeping bags and endless pots of noodles, we confessed that we hoped to make a similar trip sometime in the future. As glad as we were that we could contribute to their adventures, we would love to try our hand at it.

This morning when I got in my car, to drive to glorious places like the post office and the bank, I smelled for a brief moment the smallest hint of campfire. Despite the cleaning and scouring that our drivers insisted on doing to the car yesterday night (even though we insisted they had done us the favor, and not the other way around) they couldn't scrub out the smell of the outdoors, of adventure, and of exciting placed in the middle of nowhere America.

And the aroma made me smile.


  1. See, I'm such a sourpuss I would be mourning the loss of my new car smell... lol, just kidding.

    That is one hell of a bug splattered grill - seriously, when you mentioned the bugs in your email yesterday, I had NO idea the extent of the buggage!

  2. That is exactly how my car looked after my drive! And I took pictures of it too! Too funny!

  3. 安安唷~~幸運的日子送給妳(你)滿滿的幸福,也祝福你天天都開心唷..................................................................

  4. That sounds like a blast, and I'm sure that's how any car would have looked driving all that way!