Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out With the Old...

My new classroom...

Yesterday I went to visit my new classroom. I met the secretaries; I figured out how to unlock the filing cabinets; I found the stash of poster board in the library and the three different fonts of di-cuts.

And then I counted desks and windows: 32 and 2.

The last time I inherited a classroom, I wandered through it slowly and tentatively, turned off by the musty smell, overwhelmed by the junk left in the closets, unsure of how I was going to "make myself at home", exactly.

I warmed up to it as I broke it in: hanging posters while the overheated classroom caused sweat to drip down the laminated surfaces, cleaning out closets and tossing boxes of old marionette puppets, dusty props from previous plays, games of Pictionary missing pieces, old rotting stage makeup.

And it became mine.

And then one day I found out I would leave it, and I tried to uproot the ways I had grown to be a part of my room...slowly cleaning out my closets, gradually taking down the decorations that had accumulated, eventually putting out large boxes with the trash--this time with my own belongings.

And on the last day of school, as I emptied my last desk drawer, I cried. This was my space, one of my most important props in the craft I practice, and I was leaving it behind.

There are decidedly fewer windows and considerably more desks in my new classroom...not to mention that the windows don't open. I visited my new space and scouted out the wall space and grabbed a text book and headed for the door.

Because there is a new space to that currently feels foreign and bland and empty.

And it too will become mine.

I don't think I will ever again have four large windows in a impractical--but I loved them.

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  1. Wow - that's a pretty intimidating blank canvas you have to work with but I'm sure you'll make it homey! I think some plants are in order - you'll need more oxygen in there if the windows don't open!

    I'm jealous - the thought of beginning a new job is so exciting! I often wonder what I'll do when I decide to go back to work... where we'll be, if I'll teach, where I'll teach... it's scary but exciting!