Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Cruel Joke

Yesterday as Curtis and I were brushing our teeth I proclaimed that I think that if we add up up all the time he and I get to spend together--including sleep time--he still spends more time at work.

And then I made a crucial mistake: I actually did the math.

Some board of official doctors somewhere decided a few years ago that residents should only be allowed to work a maximum of 85 hours a week. This was a significant improvement on the 100+ hours that they previously worked. (Ever wonder why they are called residents? Because they used to live at the hospital.)

One half of Curtis's weekly existence: 7 days x 12 hours = 84 hours.

How many hours does the hospital get a week? 85.

I feel like they (they being the faceless hospital people that determine such things) are trying to make a statement here. "We get 51% of your husband...MUWAH HA HA HA"

I am not laughing.


  1. I am not laughing, either. I do not approve of the faceless nameless hospital people hijacking your hubby. One time, Matt had to go overseas on business. It was supposed to be a week. They kept him there for three. I honestly felt as though they had kidnapped my man and I was absolutely miserable.

    Hopefully he'll have his own practice someday and you can be a part of it - I'm thinking that you should be the one in charge of the scheduling! lol

  2. Holy crap! And I bet he is exhausted and no fun when he is with you! That is seriously not cool!!

  3. Oh that has got to suck.
    They cut a WHOLE 15 hours?!? While it's an improvement definitely still not great.
    I know I would like a little alone time sometimes but I don't know if I could handle all that! A strong woman you are!