Saturday, July 24, 2010

Twenty Days of Summer Break

Hanging streamers for a friend's birthday. Who doesn't like celebration?

On Thursday afternoon, at 3:34pm, I got the phone call I've been waiting for:
I was offered a job. "Are you kidding me?" I responded to the kind lady on the phone.
She laughed.
I smiled all evening.

I went for a celebratory run yesterday to cap off the 24 hour period that followed my employment. It had been a good 24 hours. It started with a celebratory dinner with Curtis's mom and brother...who we'd already had plans to dine with, but decided to claim it as a celebration after I got the news. Friday morning found me at my sister's coffee shop (which she doesn't own, but works at...therefore I call it hers) where she made me a celebratory mocha so I could enjoy the mountain of paperwork that accompanied my new job. And after that I did some celebratory shopping with my mom, where I found a celebratory skirt at a second hand store accompanied by a celebratory cardigan--complete with ruffles.

And thus I found myself going out on a run...because with all that celebration there had to be some sort of discipline in the mix. (or something like that)

In the midst of my run I found myself standing for no less than three minutes at a busy street corner waiting for the light to change in my favor. As I waited, two sketchy looking characters wandered up and waited next to me, while "subtly" passing a pipe back and forth and exhaling a foul smelling substance. (I'm not sure why they were trying to be discreet about their oh-so-obvious smoking. It's not like you couldn't smell it on them a mile away) As the light changed and I ran ahead and I heard them whistle after me.


As I made my rounds and headed home I realized how quickly summer is passing. It hasn't felt much like summer around here lately, the forecast calls for 50's and overcast/rain almost every day--and has for the last month. Despite the deceptive temperatures, my relaxed schedule reminds me that these are the few days I get for rest...much needed rest between the heavy loads I carry throughout the school year. And yet as I calculate the twenty days I have before starting another round of employment I am have purpose and goals and valuable things in which to invest my time.

As far as I am concerned, periods of rest are only as fulfilling as the purpose found in the times when you are no longer resting. And now that I can look forward to the labor of teaching that I have found to be so fulfilling, I can truly take a break.

Twenty days of summer I come.


  1. Congrats that is so awesome you got a job. I am a new follower from SIF's community.

  2. So excited for you lady! You are now gainfully employed in Alaska... Hooray!!