Monday, August 16, 2010

28 Days

(Insert picture of this morning's gorgeous pre-rain mountiains, which I can't upload due to a misplaced camera cord, compliments of moving...again.)

On Saturday we broke a record...for rain. Apparently the summer of '51 was pretty terrible; 27 days of rain in a row is pretty bad. But this year, in the summer of 2010, Saturday marked the 28th day, and the record has now been broken.

As I searched the internet for information about this broken record, I stumbled on another measurable downer for this summer's weather: top 10 coldest.

Apparently "The unshakable rain and cool weather are the result of a low-pressure system that's been stagnant over the Bering Sea since early June and helping funnel tropical moisture into the state," said forecaster Shaun case you were curious.

Whatever the reason, the clouds and the rain and the average temperature of 62 showed up this summer and have effectively worn out their welcome.

With that said, is it bad that I now root for rain on a daily basis just to prove that this summer's weather has been officially horrendous?

If you're going to break a record, you might as well just shatter it.

Article can be found here.


  1. I love you and your "go hard or go home" attitude! In the classroom today?


    Did we actually get rain yesterday though? I was thinking the streak may be over....

    Because I'm over it!