Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello, High School

We just happened to make a "feeding" stop near an ice cream stand...and do you blame her? She wanted both...

This past weekend found me watching stars for the first time in months. Granted, this was only because I had stayed up until 2:30am, but I was still happy to see these absent beauties. Endless daylight is intoxicating in its own way, but there is still beauty in the night.

So what was I doing up at 2:30am? Catching up with some old friends. Two high school buddies that I have kept in contact with all these years hopped in the car with me for a 24 hour trip out of town. Nothing like a good old fashioned sleepover with your girlfriends and one breastfeeding baby...just to remind everyone that we're not 18 anymore.

The two and half hour drive flew by in the midst of relaxed conversation and abundant laughter. We shared stories of life since we'd last been together; we relived and divulged details of stories from long ago. And somewhere between the city and a small cabin on the bank of a river, years of living in different states melted away.

After a late night of chatting and a hearty breakfast at the local small-town diner we headed back to reality, ever more aware of how much life has changed since high school: husbands, degrees, babies, houses, jobs. We lingered in small shops and made unnecessary stops for hot chocolate, all while reveling in the gift that "time away" can be.

Because when all is said and done, sometimes "getting away from it all" helps you realize just how much you have.


  1. This post made me really nostalgic for my girlfriends! It sounds like it was magical - I want to hop in the car and head out to a cabin with ice cream stops and small shop shopping!

  2. Ps. Please remove the verification word from your post comment! I can NEVER get it right on the first try!!! lol.

    Also, when do you go B2S? We start on September 1st.