Friday, August 6, 2010

Recipe for Exhaustion

A glimpse of the hospital in the quiet of morning...right about the time he is heading home.

This week I have been staying up late.
This is completely against my nature...and yet, I think it's my way of responding to the end of summer.

"Fight discipline" my rigid, scheduled, organized mind whispers as I linger over tasks late into the evening.

I traditionally find myself staying up late when Curtis isn't home. There is something about being "home alone", unaccountable to the person who normally heads to bed before the three year old children of my friend, that leaves me bargaining with myself for "fifteen more minutes" until two hours have dwindled away.

Today I paid for it, folks. My week of late nights (due to Curtis's current two week stint on night shift) caught up with me when I had to report for an 8am "new teacher orientation". Ever try to get your body to go to sleep two hours earlier than it has been all week?

Miserable fail.

Couple that with one barking dog with a fractured pelvis (thank you, housesitting job) that likes to bark at random intervals around 3:30am and you have one tired girl.

Now add the fact that the school district just put down new carpet and furniture in the room that you are meeting in (thus making any non-water beverages, which may or may not have caffeine in them, illegal) and you have one very sluggish girl.

Top it all with eight hours of endless power point presentations on navigating the school district's website, details about employee benefits, and general policy information and it's a wonder I wasn't asleep in the re-upholstered chairs (which still managed to already have stains on them...).

Good thing I'm wide awake to revisit the website now, in the midst of the quiet evening
...because shockingly enough I don't remember a thing from this morning.


  1. Eight hours or power points on far too little sleep?!?! Oh no thank you! That sounds just awful!!


    I hate it when schools don't differentiate between adults and kids in terms of rules. Forget this "setting an example" crapola - the example is that adults can drink coffee while sitting atop new carpeting, kids can't. End stop.

    You poor thing.

    We are on Skye - just arrived after our time on Mull. Mull was lovely but Skye rules the roost; I'll blog tomorrow while Matty goes out on a fishing boat with my godfather.