Friday, September 24, 2010

Endless Treasure Hunts

It has been less than 72 hours since we received the keys to our new place, and already it is feeling like home. I haven't had a free evening since we moved in, and consequently the boxes are still mostly taped up and stacked all over. Last night found me searching for a towel--of any size and shape. Endless hunts have already taken place for sheets, and socks, and soap.

Despite this chaos, the fact that we are moving in the direction of organization and away from suitcases and househopping every few weeks finds me welcoming the disorder and the work. I am actually thoroughly enjoying it.

I have spent what feels like a fortune the past couple days stocking our new home with various necessities: toilet paper, Ziploc bags, milk, laundry detergent, eggs, marshmallows. Every time I put things away I find myself lacking a different forgotten item that should have been purchased at the store: a kitchen brush, hair spray, vinegar. Despite the face that these lists that grow and wane as fast as I can write them, I don't think I have ever been so happy spending gobs of money on essentials. These essentials represent a home that is being developed and established, they represent settling in and reestablishing normal.

Yesterday I left the condo at 7am, bowl of oatmeal in hand because there wasn't a spoon to be found, and returned after 8pm. A First Aid class after school kept me for five hours while I day dreamed about unpacking and organizing and putting miscelaneous items away to a proper place. As exhausted as I was when I arrived home after thirteen hours at school (and a trip to Target), I was endlessly energentic as I tore open box after box, flinging newspaper and packing materials to the side, carefully choosing drawers and cupboards to hours spatulas and pots and pie tins, thrilled to have an hour to invest.

Today I am tired.

I have stayed up too late every night this week, have run ragged from getting up until going to bed, and have been eating a lot more junk than normal along the way. This weekend we will spend time traveling to and from another cross country meet, leaving Sunday as the only day I can truly attack the mess of boxes in which I live.

Last night as we lay in bed falling asleep, I mentioned to Curtis that Sunday was going to be the most productive unpacking day yet. It made me excited just thinking about it. He paused before replying, choosing his words carefully, and commented that perhaps we should think about resting for a small part of it.

He's probably right.

Next week won't slow down one bit, with teaching and practice adding up to nearly twelve hour days, and trips to cross country races (for me) and a conference (for him) eating up the weekend.

But when you haven't seen most of your belongings for four months, every lid opened feels like a present. And taking a nap to recoup for another week feels a lot like trying to sleep the night before Christmas.

Yes, I know that rest is the proper choice.

I'm just not so sure it's going to happen.


  1. I am so excited for you Ashley!

    And just for the record, if you need some help... I would be happy to come over and do what I can! ;)

    That may be totally weird since we've never even actually met, but the offer is sincerely and truly out there! I know how hard it can be moving into a new place if you don't have much help!

  2. Wow - I'm so happy for you! Finally, a room of your own!!

    And to have a blogebrity offer to help you unpack... so jealous! That's one unpacking party I would love to join in on!

    Enjoy your nesting period!