Monday, September 20, 2010

Four Months Late

It has been almost exactly four months since we sent off a moving truck in Ohio to transport our belongings to this frigid Northwest. We've been living out of suitcases and bags and duffles and boxes, in other people's homes and guest rooms and basements, for days and weeks on end.

In the midst of our vagabond existence I have slowly made peace with our temporary living situation. At first the suitcase existence felt like a vacation. After all, I was hopping from house to house on a week by week basis, slowly saying goodbye to many friends around the Midwest. Slowly the suitcase went from feeling like a welcomed accessory to an annoying appendage that was attached to me where ever I went, constantly reminding me of how fragmented and disheveled my life had become. I would periodically "freak out" about how unorganized my life was, frantically emptying and filling bags and duffels in attempt to organize everything a little bit more.

Attempting in vain.

More recently I have accepted the mess that is my belongings. I have large piles of documents that need to be filed. Duffels that contain things that are undoubtedly important, but I can't seem to remember. A pile of pennies and dimes and nickels that cry out for a change collection point...that doesn't exist.

With the closing on our new home scheduled for tomorrow, I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the chaos that is about to ensue. With every relocating event over the past four months I discover more items I can't find, that are broken, that were mistakenly thrown away. And in those moments I am constantly faced with a decision: get really frustrated that I wasn't more organized or just accept that it was inevitable.

A broken trash can
A lost ipod cord
Misplaced paperwork (which may or may not involve late fees)

"I think we have done pretty well handling the changes and stress over the past four months", Curtis commented to me as we biked back to our basement after completing the final walk through for our new home. And with the exception of a few breakdown moments, evenings, days, I would have to agree.

I know this next week, or month rather, of moving and settling for the last time will not be without it's struggles, but the fact that we are working toward settling long term--and not just another three week stint--should offer more than enough motivation to make it to the end.

I can't wait.

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  1. Tomorrow? I need more deets; forward me new home pics and specs, please. lol.

    You are a saint - I would have had a MAJOR breakdown at this point, I think. I can live out of a suitcase for months if I'm traveling but traveling isn't "real life", in a sense. In my "real life", I need order!!