Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's Rename them "Piano-men"


I have immersed myself in the realm of all things teenager in the last three weeks, spending close to twelve hours teaching them or coaching them six days a week.

I have caught their germs; I have graded their papers; I have timed their races.

I have almost lost my voice, twice.

And even as I lie in bed at night exhausted from the run-around of the day, and lie in bed in the morning calculating how many minutes I really need to be out the door by 7:10, I remind myself how much I love it.

Because let's be honest, sometimes it's easy to forget.

Such as when I organize 67 pairs of muddy shoes that have been discarded in the entryway because I figure it will save me fifteen minutes later when someone (or 19 of them) can't find his right shoe.

Or when I collect 12 different pieces of warm up equipment that have been discarded and never claimed at the end of race day travels.

Or when I spend several minutes trying to organize mismatched papers--without names--based on handwriting.

Or when I carefully stash their glasses and cell phones in my pockets minutes before races, only to have them lose them later in the day.

Or when I muddle through stacks of papers that need to be evaluated, eating up hours of my "free" time.

Or when they ask me what I did to my hair this morning..."It looks really different, really fluffy."


After teaching all day last Friday, hopping directly on a bus for three hours to the race location, spending the night in bunk beds in camp cabins with high school girls, wandering the meet the next day for seven hours in the rain, and then hopping back on the bus for a three hour ride back to's really no wonder I got sick.

The only question I have left is this: How do you teach a grammar lesson with sentences themed about music, without getting snickers about the word "pianist"?

If you figure that one out, you let me know.


  1. You can't.

    Love this post and the pic is classic.

    Don't worry - my stress isn't school related this time; it's car related, specifically, trying to return my car now that it's at end of lease. It's in perfect condition and under mileage but OF COURSE the dash board light display failed to light on the morning of the inspection and now it's in the shop getting an entire new system put in it. Matt had to take a day and a half off from work to deal with it because I went back to school and can't afford to use any days with the baby coming.

    The stress is killing us, as the car is due in less than a week and the part won't be in until... Wednesday. OF COURSE!

    lol - this life we live!

  2. Hehehehe! Is it bad if I'm snickering?!? ;)

    And 67 pairs of dirty muddy shoes? Nope. No way. You couldn't pay me to touch those!