Monday, September 27, 2010

Now, where is that attic?

Curtis texting his brothers about "the new place"...while I admired the autumn leaves outside.

"It looks like someone walked around our house and vomitted stuff...everywhere," I commented to Curtis as I walked around demonstrating what that might look like.

He agreed.

The massive amount of unpacking that took place Sunday left us with cupboards and closets and drawers a little more full, and a mountain of boxes and newspaper in the family room that would be any small child's dream place to play.

Maybe instead of recycling all the used packaging we should just make a fort.

Despite the fact that hundreds of items were put away yesterday, it seems like there are still thousands of items that still need to find a "home" in our condo. Piles litter the perimeters of rooms, the hallway, the counter tops. Even though we went through a massive purging before moving this summer, we still seem to have brought far too much "stuff" with us. This could be due to the fact that we had a huge attic at our last space that stored all items that couldn't fit in closets or cupboards, and now we have no such stow away place to house all miscelaneous items.

Out of necessity we must simplify our lives a bit further.

As I head into this week, and another busy weekend, I know I will be facing many evenings of putting items away: candles, extention cords, photos, files. And with organizational tools being so expensive ($12.99 for a tray to organize a drawer? I don't think so) I am getting more creative by the day.

Maybe that pile of cardboard boxes will end up coming in handy after all.


  1. I'm with you on the tray thing - I keep telling myself that one day, I'll be a grown up complete with trayed drawers but I can never bring myself to part with the cash.

    Currently, my drawers are DIY organized and you could probably use the same creative method: I created organizers by cutting the toughest pieces of cardboard to size.

    It's lasted for about a year but now the walls are falling in on themselves so it's def a temp solution. Don't you wish you would've registered for stuff like that instead of all of the other stuff brides-to-be register for and never use?


  2. Cardboard shelves sounds totally brilliant! ;) I'm pretty sure you could make that work!