Thursday, September 9, 2010


Taken during a muddy hike this weekend, where the ground was steaming moisture under the radiating sun.

My shoes stink.

I'm not talking normal, foot sweating odor type of stink. I am talking about dragged through the mud, squashed through a bog and have done so on a daily basis for the five weeks stink. Every evening I take off my shoes at the door, pull up the tongues (for maximum aeration), pull out the insoles and hope that they dry out by morning.

Some days the trails are dry, the sun is shining, and the only thing wet is the sweat on my brow. Some days it feels like you're running on a wet sponge, working twice as hard as normal for each step, collecting gallons of water into shoes and socks with each stride, and splashing even more mud up your back in and in your hair.

Today was one of those days.

The sponge running workout followed a long day of catch-up, thanks to an all day computer training I'd taken Tuesday while a substitute covered my classes. I slogged through piles of grading, struggled to stay on top of my planning, all while catching up on the events I missed.

Other things I am struggling to get through these days? A 5000 page binder provided to us by the condo association that spells out everything from where you can park, to what kind of wallpaper you can hang, to what hours of the day you can sit on your porch (those may or may not be a bit of an over statement). Let's just say that it's not exactly a light read.

Yes, today was a bit of a slogging day all around: school, run, paperwork.

Tomorrow? Perhaps the trails will be dry, the students will be lovely, and all of my grading will magically appear in the online system.

Then again, maybe I should just pack a rain coat and a fresh pair of socks.

After all, the weather is calling for rain.

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