Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spreading the Wealth

The view from the bus this weekend...another one of my favorite pretend-to-be-a-teenager past times.

Let me be the first to proclaim: The side ponytail is back. Also spotted on numerous occasions on teenagers everywhere? High tops with neon accents. When I noticed my students strutting about wearing their hair and shoes like I did in the second grade I did a double take: This is the first fashion trend I participated in that I am witnessing for a second time.

Now before you get too concerned, don't worry--I'm not going to be sporting the high tops, lopsided ponytail and silly bands when I go out on the town (you know, five weeks from now when I actually have time). I'm not sure I'm that cool.

But just in case you are...I didn't want you to be out of the fashion loop. Not everyone has the privilege of hanging out with teenagers more than people her own age.

Just trying to spread the wealth around a bit.


  1. Haha. I love it, funny when the trends come back around. I wonder what my kids will wear when they are teenagers. Thank god the 2000's are not that bad-but there are some trends I could have gone without.

  2. I personally brought back leg warmers in 2006 and then chose to rock the side pony last year.

    But I draw the line at stirrup pants - they give you cankles, for goodness sake! lol.

    Isn't it crazy? One of my former students who's off at college now posted on Facebook that she is going to start crimping her hair. I freaked out.

  3. Oh I am so going to rock the side ponytail this weekend now!!