Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Bit of a Nightmare (and a Bit of a Dream)

I'll take icy feet and treacherous biking over taming the hooligans any day...

Today the students were crazy.

It could have been because the schedule was abnormal.
It could have been because of predicted snow.
It could have been because they have half days for the next two days and Friday off due to conferences.

Whatever the reason, tomorrow had better be different than today.

Today the technology wouldn't work.
Today my interesting lessons worked out to be boring.
Today everyone had a distracting comment for everything.
Today I had to constantly remind myself to be patient. Be patient. Be patient.
Today I bit my tongue to not verbalize the sarcastic comments floating around in my head.

Today was a bit crazy.

Perhaps tomorrow should be a silent work day.

(Is that possible? A silent work day in an eighth grade classroom?)

I can dream.


  1. Wow - we are living parallel lives in the classroom right now! We are in the midst of FIVE half days... and it's spirit week, so every day is a different crazy dress up day. My sophomores are borderline chimps picking fleas off of one another... it's crazy time and my lessons have been lackluster at best, despite the effort that has gone into creating them. The weather here is wacky, too - it's been 75 degrees for the past week!!! oye.

    Here's to keeping your tongue in cheek and to what I hope will be a restful weekend of good food and hopefully time well spent with your hubby! Love yoU!

  2. Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day friend!

    And seriously, is it really winter already?!? :(

  3. must be the weather or something, because my boys have been so crazy and nothing I do or say can convince them to be decent fellows again. I think your dream of a silent day is brilliant, it would do wonders for me. Though I think it may be more (if only slightly more) feasible with eighth graders than with toddlers and preschoolers=) I hope you have a great weekend!