Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hazy Memories of a Grocery Store

Preparing for my mom's surprise birthday party, where we served all kinds of Mexican was a good day.

I feel awake and rested for the first time in several days, which could be because I was in bed by 8:20, and asleep by 9 on a Friday night...and then didn't wake up for eleven hours. Despite the sleep, the exhaustion of an overflowing schedule seems to haunt me on a Saturday morning when I have no plans or commitments. Should I go to my brother's basketball game? Bike across town to visit my sister working at the coffee shop? Read for pleasure? Make an apple pie? Unpack and organize? Iron?

A week full of activities both chosen and necessary has left me with little free time. Now that I have a few hours to myself, I feel like a kid in a candy store: what shall I eat?

Last night, after a day of distracted giddy students, and chaperoning the junior high dance that made them unruly all day, I wandered around the grocery store trying to make sense of the aisles, asking myself the same question. The answer was clear to me: apple pie. But since I am practical even in my most exhausted and hazy existence, I also bought lettuce (found to be rotten at home), oatmeal and a frozen pizza.

After all, everyone knows you can't have apple pie for dinner.

And so this morning I realize that my extreme exhaustion last night was not all a loss. I have now found a new item to add to my list of "foods that make me feel better when everything seems to be a bit too much". Other items on that list? Fried egg sandwiches and almost all Mexican food.

Next time we have a junior high dance I think they should serve apple pie instead of nachos and pizza. It would be a big hit.

(And then maybe next time I will win the teacher dance contest...)


  1. Chaperoning the junior high dance... I remember those days! The last one I chaperoned was back when the Thong Song first was released and I had to go give the DJ a talking to - what was he thinking, playing that song for 12 year olds??? Oye. They sure did shake what they didn't quite have for the minute it played...

  2. I'm going to need video of this teacher dance contest!!

    And also, I'm wishing I had been to bed so early on my Saturday!!