Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet the Neighbors

There are many qualities I have come to love about our new home since moving. The windows are thick, or well-fitting, or something more than the 1920’s windows that we had at the old place. They keep noise out. They don’t whistle when the wind blows really hard. They don’t have to be propped up with wooden rods because the weight/cord/pulley system broke. And when some middle of the night random 4:30am visitor feels like blasting the current rap trend of choice, it sounds more like background noise, rather than something getting directly piped into our room.

Also, the drawers in the kitchen don’t shower dust on the pots, pans and bowls stored below. I still find myself whisking my hand along the insides of pans as I pull them out for use, looking for traces of dust, preparing to wash it away. And then I remember that our cabinets are not the dust-showering kind that we left behind in Ohio.

One of the qualities I love most about our new place is the lack of intruders, or more specifically, mice. Every fall we would find ourselves setting (and emptying) traps in an attempt to keep mice excrement from appearing in the bathroom, under the kitchen table, on the bed—a feat I’m still not quite sure how they mastered. Yet, since we’ve made ourselves comfortable in the midst of boxes and piles and sparse furniture, apparently, so have they.

On more than one occasion I have been guilty of throwing things at these invading moths as they perched on our vaulted ceilings. When they came flying around the room looking for cover, Curtis was poised with a wad of newspaper in hand, ready to take care of them, hopeful that with the insects extinguished I could go to bed in peace.

Curtis assures me that the moth camp that exists outside our front door will disappear when the snow falls. Much like the mice, they will be forced to find a more permanent residence, or die. I am not concerned enough to research what or how moths do to hibernate through the long winter that exists in this city. I do know, however, that they will not be taking residence on my ceiling.

Sometimes you just have to draw your boundaries.

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  1. The lack of mice has been one of my favorite things too! Or bugs in general actually. I know there are some up here, but it is NOTHING compared to the bugs in San Diego!