Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Things Just Don't Change

In the interest of saving our digital photos for posterity, I spent quite a while Sunday transferring files from our "medical school laptop", whose battery won't hold a charge and has given us many signs that it is near crashing, to our new lovely macbook, which was purchased shortly after I nailed down a job.

In the midst of labeling and organizing all sorts of files and photos, I stumbled on all sorts of memories that made me smile. The gem above? Taken six years ago while making lefse with Curtis's family the first time I made the trip out to the island. On that occasion I was dumbfounded by the potato based tortilla-like items we were making. This past Labor Day I knew how to jump into the lefse making process, eager to devour the results.

I was (once again) overwhelmed again with how much in the midst of change some traditions remain the same. Granted, the digital camera I now use has a few more megapixels, and a bit more clarity, but after a few rounds of making lefse I still walk away from the kitchen covered in flour.

Some things will probably never change.

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  1. So Very True! I absolutely love reading your blog. It reminds me of the simple things in life, and things that truly really matter!