Sunday, October 3, 2010

Winter Whispers

Though autumn was officially marked on the calendar just over a week ago, winter is undoubtedly approaching close behind. A week ago snow was spotted dusting the mountain, tapping the windshield as it was swept aside along the highway, leaving no trace on the road but weighing heavily on those that observed it.

Winter is coming. Soon.

Curtis and I have both commented that the fall colors are more radiant this year than we remember them. The gold colors flush the mountains with various shades causing pause between summer and winter even as we search through boxes for hats and gloves.

Perhaps it’s because fall in the Midwest was so radiant.
Perhaps it’s because September was so mild.
Perhaps it’s because the summer held record rainfall.

Whatever the reason, the trees are sporting their richest shades, and in I am desperately trying to soak them in before they disappear.

It will be days, weeks if we’re lucky, before the snow comes to stay and I am left pondering:

Am I ready for seven months of cold and darkness?

(I am rather out of practice with all this…)

1 comment:

  1. Aw, 7 months of cold and darkness needs a remedy. We will sing "This Little Light of Mine" separately but together, 'cross country, until the spring sun shines again!