Monday, November 8, 2010

Making the Best of It All

My "gourmet concoction"...which didn't taste quite as good as it looked...

This is the weekend I finally caught up on paperwork.

Ever since the move, I have had very organized and meticulous stacks of paperwork...all over my bedroom floor. Between the condo purchase, the car purchase, both job switches, and the move quite a bit of paperwork had accumulated. And while there are other ways I like to spend Sunday mornings before church, I must admit that ninety minutes of pure organizational productivity turned out to be a great start to the day.

Follow that up with breakfast for lunch with the family after church watching the NYC marathon, and a leisurely afternoon in the kitchen making some gourmet concoction, and I am almost ready to head back to a full week of classes and volleyball.


Would I rather lay on the couch, watching the inches of snow accumulate on the window sill, while reading a thought provoking novel? Of course. Then again, I'd also rather have my paperwork organize itself, and my dinners always turn out tasting spectacular.

Sometimes you just have to make the best of what you have.

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  1. Um, what is that DELICIOUS looking concoction pictured on this post? Can you please post or send me a recipe, por favor? It looks FAB!!!


    My great friend from Edinburgh flew over to run the marathon and missed qualifying for London by 2 minutes! Her personal best is 3:34 and she ran this in 3:51 but said it was the best time spent of her life. We went in to the city to celebrate with her last night - I wanted to go wait at a mile marker but I'm getting a bit too big and slow to put myself in the midst of a crowd! lol