Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Scrambled Eggs and Bleeding Knuckles, or Just Another Tuesday Night

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I spent the evening Tuesday night lying on the couch, blowing my nose, constantly reapplying chapstick and hand lotion. With the recent onset of nasty weather has come the dry, cold months that make my hands crack at the knuckles with the slightest bit of contact. Couple that with coaching volleyball and generous applications of moisture-sucking hand sanitizer throughout the school day, and you can picture the result.

It's not pretty.

Of course, who cares if my hands are covered in small cuts when my face is flushed, my head is pounding, and my nose is congested?

I've never been good at being sick. I am good at productivity, efficiency, and high energy activities. I am good at continuing to move when everything wants me to stop, continuing to work when other people know I should call it a day, and maintaining a reasonable bedtime and a healthy diet in order to (try to) maintain a fairly hectic pace.

Yet, despite my best laid plans, sometimes my body fails me, leaving me to half pay attention to outdated Hulu while Curtis makes me a scrambled egg and salsa burrito for dinner.

After all, when life is tough all I want is eggs, Mexican food, or some sort of combination.

And so I head into the rest of the week, a bit compromised, but still kicking, determined to finish out a week that may or may not include a volleyball tournament and a massive field trip.

Wish me luck.

(And plenty of tissues)

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  1. Make sure you get the tissues with lotion. Your nose will thank you. And get a tube of chapstick just for your nose. Make sure you mark it so you know, but put a lil on the nostrils and it really helps.