Friday, November 5, 2010

A Slightly Slower Pace

Evidence that Curtis was home at some point during the night...even if he went to bed after I did, and left before I woke...

The city was covered with a blanket of snow this week, a bit later than what is traditionally normal but sending people in the mode of "winter" all the same. Drives were slow; boots were everywhere. The array of hats and gloves abundant, and the number of snowmen (made with the perfectly wet snow) comical. The students went a little crazy, mesmerized by the thick white flakes falling in the light of the street lamps, and eventually the daylight.

Thus I find myself in the bridge before the next song of the season. The days of biking on tree lined trails are over, but the necessary blanket needed for cross country skiing has not yet accumulated.

Right now the sidewalks, streets and trails are covered with a mixture of snow, ice and slush, depending on the time of day. With the daily temperatures hovering on either side of freezing even as the snow continues into the weekend, it's anyone's guess when the local trails will be fresh and ready for a nice long ski. Until then, the only thing I'll be gliding on is the stairwell outside our condo. I am pretty sure it is only a matter of time until I lose my grip on those icy steps.

Here's to winter: the slower pace, the fresh beauty and the unexpected adventure it brings.
(all six months of it)

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  1. It's the whole 6 months part that bums me out! :) I can handle the snow, but it just lasts so long!