Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doorbusters, Diverticulitis, and Momentary Peace

This weekend found Curtis and me attached at the hip as we went about accomplishing various weekend necessities. Saturday was Curtis's first day off in two weeks, and only his second in three. His last day off was shared with a couple basketball games, his visiting parents and his brother. This day off found me selfishly keeping him to myself, well, except for when I had to share him with a paper on diverticulitis that desperately needed to be finished.

We both woke before 7am because we were so excited to be together (that, or we are both so conditioned by our jobs to wake up early that we don't need an alarm). We bundled up and ventured downtown for breakfast at my favorite place before hitting the boutiques just as they were opening. Actually, we were early, and thus walked block after block in the frigid wind before find an opening at JC Penneys. I don't think I've ever been so excited for a doorbuster sale.

By 11am we were driving back home, shopping completed, ready to regroup for the afternoon. At 1pm we were out on the ski trails, with Curtis trying to remember how to ski. Apparently three weeks off isn't good if you're a beginner. The layer of fresh powder from Friday night's snow coupled with the afternoon sunshine and my new favorite skiing buddy put me in perhaps the best mood I've been in for days. I was relaxed and at peace, not concerned (for once) on the next thing on the list, or tasks that need to be accomplished.

Three o'clock found us at my mom's house so I could give Curtis (and eventually my brother, as seen above) a haircut. I offered to give my sister's visiting friend a trim as well, but he was not convinced of the superiority of my amateur skills. A couple stops, a try at making falafel, and a shower later we were at my brother's basketball game, his first venture at varsity play.

Yesterday evening, as my relaxed enjoyment of everyday life continued into the work week, found me musing to Curtis that I am more relaxed than I have been in months. It was then that a little simple inventory led to a discovery: I've been juggling uncertain or overwhelming life circumstances for the last nine months. In March I found out we were moving across the country, a week into track season. While coaching junior high and high school track (and finishing a school year) I applied for a new teaching license, new jobs, and packed a house. In June I started living out of a suitcase, which would continue for four months while we looked for a condo to purchase, and moved like vagabonds from house to basement to guest room. By the time I had a job, I was coaching again, and we didn't actually move into a place until both were in full swing.

Friday was the first day I have had a job and a house and wasn't coaching since...March.

I guess it is fitting that this Christmas break from teaching and coaching leads me to look back on all that the last year has brought to Curtis and me: a new place, a new house, a new job. I have found new friendships and rekindled old. And now that I can stop and breathe and appreciate all I have, I can honestly say that it has been good. Challenging, yes. Stressful, absolutely. But I guess this is a good season to remember that facing an unknown future can lead at times to unexpected gifts. And having faith that all will be provided in due time is only faith when it is practiced.

We are rich with so much, this season. I hope that even as this current blanket of peace is lifted with inevitable uncertainties and chaos, I remember this moment...when I wondered why I ever doubted that everything would settle into place.


  1. Wow - reading this post made me realize just how much we are capable of and how incredible you are at managing marriage, friendships, work, coaching, exercising and playing! I can't believe what you've been up to since March and I'm so glad that you finally have the time to wind down - what a bonus that your first moments of peace coincide with the holidays!

    Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy this season to its fullest and hopefully your honey will have a few days off that the two of you can spend together!

    Ps. I made the cinnamon rolls on Sunday. That's the first time I've made something like that from scratch - I usually make my own pie crust but that seems a lot easier - and holy cannoli, it was a lot of effort but man, it was worth it! They were AWESOME! I only baked half of them and froze the rest of them uncooked to enjoy at a later date.

    Pss. My aunt just had surgery for diverticulitis and had some complications but she's doing great now... ya know, just in case you need a case study... lol.

  2. Oh, for a bit of that peace and calm in my life right now=) I feel a bit overloaded with chaos and am sruggling to find my sanity in the midst of it all. This post was a great reminder to me. Thanks