Saturday, December 4, 2010

Embracing the Glitter

Another fresh coating of snow last night...

My favorite thing about the weekend these days is watching the day come to life. During the week I drive to work in the dark, and the sun has long since set by the time I leave school after coaching practice. The two windows in my room face a brick wall, and the only way to "see" the daylight is to get close enough to the window to angle your view out beyond the building.

This is not something I have time to do very often.

Today my life finally slowed down a bit. The past five days found me coaching three practices and two tournaments, teaching 25 classes, and trying to keep up with a few simple details of my life in the mean time. Now that it's the weekend, I finally feel like I have time to do more complicated things like put my clothes away, clean the bathroom, go grocery shopping, and exercise.

With Curtis working (and sleeping--when he can) at the hospital this weekend, I spent the night at my mom's last night, waking this morning to make cinnamon rolls to accompany hours of Christmas decorating. I haven't helped with such things for a few years now, and my sister, mom and I unpacked decorations of varying ages, telling stories and old jokes as they triggered memories. It was a morning of sentimental goodness, leaving the house shiny and glowing.

Now that I am back at the quiet, cold and not-very-sparkly condo, after an afternoon outing to cross country ski with a friend, I am curled up in a blanket, trying to decide what I should do first: Run errands? Clean the bathroom? Put away clothes? Figure out a plan for dinner? A morning of sweet pastries, Christmas music, and ornaments leaves an afternoon of productivity looking quite glum and dull.

Who needs groceries or a clean house when I can go to my mom's winter wonderland?

Evasion. That is surely the answer. I guess when it comes down to it, Christmas truly does bring out the inner child in me. Just for a month I would enjoy living under my mom's roof, eating her food, and enjoying her decorations. It would make me feel a bit less responsible, like I'm not in charge of way too many teenagers most days, like my toilets will clean themselves.

It would be a Christmas miracle.

(Perhaps I should break the news to Curtis after he's gotten more than two hours of sleep...)


  1. I am so envious of your snow scenes. It was ridiculously warm here at the beginning of last week and now it's prime snow weather but there's not a flurry in sight.

    I went to a baby shower yesterday for a co-worker who is due 3 weeks after me. She lives in a real house and had a real 9 foot, fully decorated Christmas tree, in addition to decorations gracing every inch of the rest of her house.

    I can't fathom digging out my Christmas decorations because our storage unit has become replete with all things baby-to-be and with the clutter I removed when staging the place for market (we've had 2 showings in the past month; ugh).

    I, too, would like to just go home for a month or so and relax in my mom's house. I would like to enjoy her fully decorated Douglas Fir and to sip on her warm apple cider. I'm not even sure if I'll have a Christmas this year.

    It's all becoming very real and it's stressing me out.

    But then again, stress is what I do best.

    Enjoy the remains of your weekend. Love you!

  2. Can I come hide at your moms for a month too? Sounds heavenly!