Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Game Over

Yesterday was officially the last tournament of the season. As much as I love coaching--the "outside-of-school" connection with the students, the teaching, the activity--I had officially had enough.

These past eight days, I have been hanging onto to my sanity on a day by day basis, trying desperately not to run out of patience (or energy) in front of any of my students (or athletes).

Everyone is going a little crazy with the impending holiday and end of the semester, and tacking on ninety minutes of student contact at the end of the school day for practice--or 4-5 hours on tournament days--has left me nothing short of worn out.

My next challenge? Attacking the six-inch stack of papers and projects that have accumulated in my coaching haze.

Six days until Christmas break.

1 comment:

  1. When does your Christmas break begin? Six days? That's awesome! Our school's break is in 11 days but mine starts at the end of the day TOMORROW!!!!

    9 months off, baby!