Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lighting Up Christmas

Photo taken a couple weeks 10:30am.

I stopped by the store yesterday after school to purchase items for dinner and Christmas decor. One of the best things about moving across the country is that you are forced to purge all items deemed to be no longer useful or necessary. (Un)fortunately, some (necessary?) Christmas decor made it into that category and is now being replaced.

After all, I had exactly zero strings of lights.

After piecing together dinner last night, I set about hanging up the purchased garland and lights, all of which left the kitchen and family room a bit more twinkly, bright and cheery. It doesn't take much to brighten things up when you are down to four measly hours of daylight. I thought it made quite an impression, until Curtis got home and asked (ten minutes later), "Are these new?"

Oh well.

Apparently I'm not always that great at noticing details either, since my students were the ones to discover a nice, fresh cigarette strewn on the floor this afternoon, less than ten feet from my desk, leaving tobacco shavings all over the floor.

Clearly I'm not the only one interested in "lighting up" the holidays.

Alas, the quarter is finally over, the grades are entered, and the celebration can begin. I have no ambitions of sleeping in (past 7am anyway), but I am looking forward to reading for fun (perhaps a bit of this), cross country skiing (hopefully with a return to double digits temperatures) and venturing back to Curtis's homeland...for a few slow-moving days on the island.

Christmas break is finally here. And while the students have shown their need for a break (through any number of suspensions and inappropriate activities, as well as an overwhelming amount of rudeness), I am pretty sure I am ready for the hiatus.

I am, perhaps, just a little bit better at channeling that energy toward legal and positive activities like hanging garlands and grading papers.


  1. What's the fun in legal and positive activities anyway?!? ;)

    Hope I get to see you tomorrow night friend! Let me know when you're free!

  2. How long do you have off for break? I hope it's a nice, long one! xx